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Steel Products Retention Tips | CAMELSTEEL

Some steel products, such as color coated steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets, whether smear antiseptic or packaged with some other plating material before leaving the factory, they are all important methods to keep corrosion protection. During the transportation load and unload process, people should try to protect them without damages. To prolong the retention period of steel products, CAMELSTEEL gives people the related steel products retention tips.

1. Before entering steel warehouse, try to prevent the rain or interlarding with impurities. If they have been rained or muddy, try to clean them with different methods according to the natures. People could adopt the steel wire brush to clean the steels with high hardness or use the cloth or cotton to clean those with lower hardness.

2. Before entering steel warehouses, people should do the inspection frequently. If it has been rusted, please clean up the corrosion layer.

3. For some common steels, if the surface have been cleaned up, they do not need the unction. But for the high quality steel, alloy thin armor plate, thin walled tube, and alloy steel tube, people should do the antirust oil for its internal and external surface.

4. For those which has been rusted severely, people should use them as soon as possible after the rust removal.

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