Galvanized Steel Coil & Sheet Roofing

★ Price:$600-750

Galvanized refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other materials coated with a layer of zinc to the appearance, rust and other effects of surface treatment technology. The main method used is hot galvanizing.


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Galvanized Steel Coil Specifications

Standard: GB/T-2518,JIS G 3302,EN 10142/10427,ASTM A653


Thickness:0.12-2.0mm (±0.02mm)

Width:30-1250mm (±2mm)

Length:Coil or as Customers’ requirement

Zinc Coating:Zn 40g/sm-275g/sm


Coil weight:3-5tons or As your requirement

Hardness:CQ/FH/As your requirement (G300-G550)

Surface Treatment:Anti-Finger printing ,Chromated, oiled/ non-oiled


Galvanized Sheet Roofing Specifications

Standard: GB/T-2518,JIS G 3302,EN 10142/10427,ASTM A653


Roof Types:Corrugated roof sheet/ Trapezoidal roof sheet/ As your requirement

Thickness:0.125-0.5mm (±0.02mm)

Width before corrugated (BC):Regular: 750mm, 760mm, 900mm, 914mm, 1000mm, 1100mm.

Width after corrugated (AC):Regular: 665mm,680mm,780-820mm,836mm,850mm,870mm, 875mm,900mm,1000mm

Length:As your requirement

Zinc:Zn 40g/sm-275g/sm


Sheet Weight:2-4tons or As your requirement

Hardness:CQ/FH/As your requirement


How to Galvanized Roofing Extend Service Life?

1. Please store it in the room which ventilates, and avoid dew erosion or moisture infiltration.
2. Please make sure that the wrapping paper is perfect.
3. Please shorten its store time, and protect its surface before corrosion.
4. The zinc layer will be off if it meets outside improper pressure.
5.Please prevent the dirt or oil meal adhering its surface, because it will affects the galvanized function.
6. Please put the skid and support frame under the steel coils. And the stack number of plies should not surpass 2.
7. Please use the waterproof to cover it. Besides, the skid and rubber packing is also very important. Please use the rope to fix it.

Galvanized Skin Performance

(1)Improve the surface planeness of galvanized sheet
After skin passed, the surface planeness of zinc galvanized sheet will be improved, with shape wave removed partially.Also,the slag particle and other scraggly punctate substance evened out, thus the surface looks sooth and flat.

(2) Adjust the surface roughness of zinc galvanized sheet
It can adjust the uneven the surface roughness of zinc galvanized tile and unify it within a certain range via controlling the surface roughness of working roll of temper mill.

(3)Improve the surface glossiness of zinc galvanized metal sheet As for small/zero spangle products, the skin passed can ensure that the surface of galvanized steel sheet has a more even and unified glossiness. The spangles salient points due to crystallization of big spangles and different glossiness can be unified, thus the spangles can be easily covered during coating.

(4)Improve the process performance of galvanized steel sheet
Via skin passed, the yield platform of galvanized sheet can disappear or be not obvious, which can avoid generating metal slip lines during production.

Quality Problems of Galvanized Roofing


1.Zinc granule/zinc scar:

The surface of galvanized sheet sees some punctate and nubby embossments which have different sizes and appear sesame or granulous shape and has rough surface. Granular embossment is called zinc granule and nubby embossment is called zinc scar.


1) There are too many bottom slags which can float due to stirring. Floating slags can adhere to the surface of galvanized steel sheet along with zinc solution or be pressed into the surface of steel sheet by sink roll;

2) The temperature of zinc solution is too high. Bottom slags can float under a temperature over 470℃;

3) The aluminum content in zinc solution is too high, lowering the solubility of iron in zinc solution and generating more dross.

2.Bad quality spangles :

The sizes of spangles are uneven or there is no spangle.


Poor effect of temperature rise in furnace area.


The surface of plate with small spangle presents white banding groove or punctate pit.


Too large cooling water drops or water shooting makes the pit of unconsolidated zinc spangle
Galvanized steel sheet roofing/coil is one of the main products of CAMELSTEEL. Thus, we strictly control its quality and hope each zinc metal sheet produced by CAMELSTEEL can be the proud of customers.


Service Life?


The life span is based on the following factors:
3.paint coating
4.maintaining method
5.processing method.
But under the normal condition,the service life can be more than ten years without color fading and rusting.

Trade Terms?

FOB(30%T/T in advance, and the balance must to be paid before shipment)
CFR&CIF(30%T/T in advance, and the balance against the copy of B/L)

Shipping Company?

We cooperate with SINOTRANS, the biggest cargo agent in China.
The shipping company can be arranged as clients’ request.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Regular size 25-50 tons,Special size negotiable



Standard exported package, waterproof paper, plastic paper, horizontal/vertical package, paper/ Iron Cylinder,
wooden/ iron pallet

Trading or Manufacturer?


We are manufacturer and trade company, which equipped with 4 production lines

(prepainted steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel)