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Galvalume Steel Sheet Introduction

Galvalume Steel Sheet Introduction

Galvalume steel sheet also named hot dipping 55% aluminum zinc steel sheet, and it will have different name in different industry. The galvalume steel sheet is made by hot-dip plating on the surface of cold-rolled steel sheet with the main components of aluminum and zinc alloy and then baking and cooling. The coating of galvalume steel sheet can be divided into galvalume 30 g/㎡ (AZ 30), galvalume 50 g/㎡ (AZ 50), galvalume 70 g/㎡ (AZ 70) etc., and in CAMELSTEEL, our regular alu-zinc coating of galvalume steel sheet is AZ 40-AZ 150.

Many people would think that the galvalume steel sheet with 55% aluminum zinc coating is 55 grams per square, but this is a wrong comprehension. The right one is that 55% is only the proportion of aluminum in the galvalume coating alloy. The production process and use category of galvalume steel sheet and regular hot galvanizing sheet are almost the same.

As the coating contains 55% aluminum, so in the durability and corrosion resistance, the hot galvalume sheet is more excellent. Therefore, it gradually become the substitute goods of hot-dip galvanized steel and cold-rolled steel plate in many industrial products and use process.


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