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Color coated steel coil storage and transportation

Without simple and basic prevention measurements, color coated steel coil may suffer steel sheet damage, transportation delay and economic loss. Thus CAMELSTEEL always avoid damage during color coated steel coil storage and transportation, and has concluded a few points which are show as follows:

1. While using crane, use nylon tape and expansive crosspiece to lift color coated steel sheet along the bale’s center of gravity line. Steel wire rope is not allowed.

2. While using forklift to load and unload color coated steel sheet, the adjusting fork distance shall be adjusted to be more than 5 feet.

3. Taking following measures to keep color coated steel sheet dry during transportation and installation process:

Wear dry and clean gloves;

Do not drag steel sheet in coarse surface and steel sheet surface;

Place steel sheet in mat wood. Incline the mat mood for a certain angle to avoid stagnant water and then cover with waterproof cloth.

Quickly insulate wet bales, scrub wet bales with clean gauze and then stack them in ventilated place until totally dry.


Here we share with you some correct ways to color coated steel coil storage.

1. Color coated steel coil shall be put in clean and neat environment to avoid erosion from various corrosive mediums.

2. Some varieties of color coated steel coil shall be placed on rubber mat, crosser, bracket, etc instead of being placed on ground or transport machines directly.

3. Color coated steel coil shall be stored in dry and ventilated environment.

4. The color coated steel coil storage place shall be arranged rationally for convenience take and use, so as to reduce unnecessary movement as far as possible.


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