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The color coated steel coil painting repair during the use process

If there are scratches during the install and use process, we may need to have color coated steel coil painting repair to the flaw parts. When filling paint, brush or spray repair the same color coated steel coil painting. Pay attention to repair paint match, to prevent rust and corrosion caused by coating damaged. Improper or excessive painting repair may damage the entire surface. It’s better not to be repaired to the inconspicuous scratches at the place of 6 feet, because the normal wind erosion will cover it up.

Color coated steel coil painting repair only need to repair the places of fall off painting. Before it, we need to use alcohol to remove dirt, paraffin and other contamination for the parts to be repaired. CAMELSTEEL doesn’t suggest to use a spray paint to repair large areas, because the air drying of the repaired painting is not better than the factory precoat paint. And using aerosol or spray to repair scratch flaw is also not recommended. The best repair outfit is high quality painting brush of 1/2 feet or smaller. If maintain with above method , color coated steel coil will maintain its original color for a long time.


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