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Analysis about color coated steel coil coating durability

The color coated steel coil coating durability is kind of performance which reflect during the use process. It is often measured by the length of the first overhaul life, and also has a close relationship with the type of color coated steel coil coating, coating thickness, the corrosivity of use environment.

The atmospheric exposure test is a pretty reliable method for evaluating the durability of the coating. It is mainly used in fundamental research, scientific research and exploitation because of its long testing time, high cost and big control difficulty. In order to meet the requirements of production and acceptance check, people exploit a series of artificial aging test to evaluate the coating durability. The most common is Ultraviolet

Lamp Accelerated Aging test and Neutral Salt Spray test which is frequently-used in CAMELSTEEL.

The former is mainly to evaluate the coating ability of the resistant to chloride corrosion, and the latter is to evaluate the coating ability of light-proof aging. Besides, the homologous artificial aging test evaluation need to be chosen when the color coated steel coil applied in some special environment like acid rain and wet.


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