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Prepainted galvanized steel sheet consider the durability

As the terminal product of the steel products series, the work flow and additive factors of prepainted galvanized steel sheet is very complicated. So when you buy prepainted galvanized steel sheet, besides the thickness, width and colors, you should ensure the flowing factors.

1. Mechanical property of placodes . It refers to the yield strength, tensile strength and ductility.

2. performances of cladding materials. It refers to the types, coating adhesion and weights.

3. Property of coating. It refers to the coating types, film thickness, T bending properity, impact, pencil thickness, chalking resistance, salt fog resistance and durability.

4. Surface quality. It refers to defects, gloss, colour and fineness.

5. Other performances. It refers to the plate cut, dimensional accurancy and tolerance.

Different groups, such as architect and designers, owners, and processors, have the different understandings of it. Durability is the most important performance of the color coated steel. It means that fastness, non-efflorescent and no rust in the guarantee period.


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