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Why we use the different hot galvanized products?

Hot galvanized products have pure zinc, zinc iron, aluminum zinc and zinc aluminum magnesium. People research so many cladding material with the consideration of its usage.
Every cladding material has its own traits. They are figuration performance, corrosion resistant, sacrifice to protect, paint viscosity, weldability, heat reflexive.
Here is the detail.
For the pure zinc products, the figuration is 3. But to be honest, 5 is the best. Aluminum zinc is 3 and zinc iron is 3.
For the corrosion resistance, aluminum zinc products is 5, which is the best.
For the sacrifice protection, pure zinc is the best, and aluminum zinc is the weakest.
For the molding corrosion resistance, they are the same.
For the coating, ferroalloy is the best.
For the corrosion resistance, zinc and iron ferroalloy is the best.
For the weldability, zinc and iron ferroalloy. And for the heat reflexive, the aluminum zinc products is the best.


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