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The Quality Discern of Hot Galvanization

Hot Galvanization

Hot galvanization is also called “hot-dip galvanizing“. Under the high temperature, zinc ingots are melted into liquids. When some mental structures are put into the galvanizing pot, some zinc layers are on the surface of the structures. The advantages of hot galvanization is its great corrosion resistance, together with the adhesive power and hardness. The weight of galvanized products is gained, and the “zinc rate” is designated to the hot galvanization.
Identify skills
Hot galvanization is a physical reaction, which galvanizes the zinc on the surface of the ironworks. If the zinc layer is too thick, you can use some rigid metal to scrape some zinc. But electroplate is a chemical reaction, there are some zinc ions on the surface of the ironworks, so rigid metal is not allowed to scrape it. If the zinc contact the air, it would form a compact resist on the surface of the hot galvanized products. And it would separate the metal from the outside to prevent corrosion. If the zinc layer is not destroyed, the steel diaphragm can be used for several decades. And the lifespan is different according to the service environment.


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