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The features of galvanized steel coils

Galvanized steel coils are also the galvanized steel sheets. But people make it in coils in order to transport easily. The difference between galvanized steel coils and common coils is the thin zinc on its surface, which could improve its corrosion resistance and prolong the service life. Currently, as CAMELSTEEL knows, people often use the continuous zinc coating to produce it, which means people often put the steel coils into the molten zinc pot continuously. Except its corrosion resistance, do you know some other characteristics of galvanized steel coils?

1. The base material is the high quality cold rolling steel. Its handling characteristics and stamping resistance are very good.

2. The thickness of zinc layers is equal, and the adhesive power is strong. It has great chalking resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The bright and clean surface, precious size, lank board, equal and beautiful zinc layers and nice decoration make its great.

4. After the passivation and unction, the galvanized steel coils has a nice adherence and weldability which is easy to be molding.


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