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Use of Color Coated Coil (Prepainted Steel Coil)

The color coated coil is light and artistic, together with well anti- corrosion, which could be used in architectures, ship buildings, car manufactures, furniture, and electric industries directly and provide them a new kind material. Frankly, it replaces the steel by wood. And It saves the energy and prevents pollution.

The color coated coil, whose placodes are galvanized steel, are not easy to be eroded. Here are the reasons. Firstly, the zinc protects it. Secondly, the organic coatings cover it. It says that the life span of color coated coil is 1/2 longer than that of the galvanized steel sheets.

But in many different areas with different use points, the color coated steel sheets with same galvanized number, coatings and thickness have different life spans. For example, in some industrial areas or coastal areas, the sulfurous acid anhydride and salinity in the air promote the corrosion rate. So its life span shortens a lot. In the rainy season, some special place moisture condensation by the rain or tortured by the temperature difference, they would be eroded quickly.

The buildings and workshops made by color coated steel would have a long life span if it is often moisten by the rain. Otherwise, its life span will be shortened due to the sulfurous acid anhydride, salinization and dust. So when people design the buildings, more inclined, less dust and the life span will be longer. As for the places where can not be washed by rain, people should wash it regularly.

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