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Cladding materials routine traits (GI Sheet)

GI sheet is one of cladding materials.

1. GI is the code of the dip zinc products, one of cladding materials. And it has beautiful surface, great corrosion resistance and processability.

There are two kinds of it, the normal spangles and the one without spangles. In the past, zinc can’t be refined completely because of the unadvanced technology. So people hold the view that there are spangles on the surfaces of hot galvanizations. Because spangles have a bad influence on the coatings. To meet the auto sheets’ coating demand, people take the advance technology to reduce the lead to scores PPm, and the auto sheets will be made without any spangles. For some buildings, which like large spangles, people could put more leads in the zinc pot to get it.

2. Great corrosion resistance and beautiful outlook are the features of aluminum and zinc products. The spangles are so beautiful, like scales, that they can be used without any decoration.

The corrosion resistance of it is 2 to 6 times greater than that of the common hot-dip galvanization, the same as the heat resistance. The color will not be changed under the 300 degrees, and it could keep colorful under 700 degrees in the short term. Besides, the heat reflex is very well.

Therefore, it is widely applied into the architectures and household appliance industry.

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