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What is substandard steel? | CAMELSTEEL

With the related policies of substandard steel cleaning come into effect more quickly, resulting in that substandard steel attracts people’s attention more and more frequently. So, what is substandard steel actually? After looking up related material, here CAMELSTEEL provides two concepts of substandard steels.

The first is a original concept or narrow sense of the concept, that is, a pictorial name given by steel industry about 1.2 m-long strip steel slab produced by iron and steel enterprise using die casting technology.

Another is the definition given by the State Economic and Trade Commission, referring to take scrap steel as raw material and fused in induction furnace. The components and quality of these steels can not be controlled effectively. Rolled steels taking these steels as raw material are also included.

Industry experts show that to eliminate substandard steel will not cause resource waste or tight supply. What is more essential is that the quit of behindhand capacity such as intermediate frequency furnace can help maintain a good market environment and benefit regulated steel enterprises.



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