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Steel price increase

The steel price increase in the four quarters overall, especially the second quarter, where the steel price decrease. Compared to the begining of the year, the price of steel rise 1500 RMB/t and the amount of increase is about 75%. The price of metallurgical coal keeps stable from January to March, and increase stablly from May to August, and the amount of increase is about 230%. The price of iron ores increase 35 RMB/t and the amount of increase is about 87%. The profits of coal and steel markets are very great. Compared to the prices between raw materials and finished products, the iron factories could earn a little profits. Overally, the profits of coal industries is great.
It estimates that the steel and iron market will be warm up.

The price of steel rises slightly from the third quarter. Then it makes substantial margin gains in the fourth quarter. And it estimates that it shows a up-trend in the next year.


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