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The steel market condition | CAMELSTEEL market analyst

Steel Market Condition: the market mentality improved markedly with the sharply upward of the future goods. And the market enthusiasm of stock up and order goods has increased. With the deadline that the “transformation of coal to gas” engineering reform of rolling material manufacturers in Tangshan area in advance, there may appear the phenomenon of centralized shutdown and maintenance in the future.

In later period, the futures rebar will mainly in pretty strong shock in short time, and the price in Tangshan billet and small factory may continue to be influenced by the “transformation of coal to gas”. Together with the condition that the storage of steel mill and market all increased recently, the market analyst in CAMELSTEEL predicts that the market price will continue to strongly rise, but the range will narrow down.

In the board aspect, the market price is stable and trend to be strong, few market reduce the price. In macroscopic aspect, the hot rolled coil in night session shocks higher, and after today’s rise further, morning session are in high shock. In summary, the good news appears frequently at present, it is predicted that the market price in tomorrow has a big shock and be stronger probability.

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