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The steel market condition of this week

The black line frenzy again in this week, the steel market raise mood was lit, and steel prices opened the violence raise model.

This week is a more critical node, at first, the futures market into the shift slot to the critical point, bringing a larger demand for repair. Secondly, the environmental protection favorable policies fuel the flames, and the supply gap is expected to tight. Thirdly, the wind of speculation appears again, and push the spot price rise.

Back to the steel market itself, although the recent rise does have its rational factors, after the analysis by synthesis, CAEMLSTEEL thinks market speculation factors make the price upward trend too fast and violent, and didn’t give the market appropriate buffer zone and the time and space to accept of the upper and lower reaches. In this respect, it also has its irrational side.

Therefore, the exist of periodical adjustment is conducive to the healthy operation of the market, also prepare for the next phase to continue to up. The current lack of supply-side inventory and future supply contraction still exist, the violence price is unlikely to adjust. It is predicted that the domestic steel market will be high and volatile in next week.


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