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How to mend the leakage phenomenon of color coated steel house

Color coated steel house commonly use colored corrugated steel roofing sheet. Relying on lots of advantages, colored corrugated steel roofing sheet will enjoy wider and wider application.

Accordingly, some common problems generate, especially the leakage of color coated steel house. Here CAMELSTEEL provides some suggestions after looking up related information.

1. Check if the construction detail of colored corrugated roofing sheet moving house is rational.

2. Consider if colored corrugated steel roofing sheet is damaged due to corrosion under natural condition such as hot sunshine.

3. Check if rivet, special skylight, exhaust vent, outfall and ridge-node used for colored corrugated steel roofing sheet suffer erosion or deformation during installation.

All these can cause water leakage. Glass cement, chlorine cream and other materials are often used for repair. Cooperative use of two kinds of materials can overcome the defect of traditional method and lead to ideal repair effect.



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