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The effects on steel performance of chemical factors

As the main manufacturer of color coated steel coil, we must know well about the steel performance. And the chemical effects on steel performance is also a very important part.

The content steel element is controlled according to the steel performance. Steel is the alloy of iron and other elements. CAMELSTEEL refers some authority data to expound the effects of some steel elements.

1. Carbon is the most economical strengthening elements. It could enhance the steel’s strength and won’t increase its brittleness. But the higher content of carbon will decline the steel’s shock resistance. And it will also affect the brittleness of the weld heat affected zone.

2. Silicon is helpful to improve the corrosion resistance, especially in the acid erosion environment. Generally, with the increase of silicon content, the plasticity will decrease and the hardness, yield point and strength of extension will be increased.

3. Nitrogen has a great intensify effect and it will decrease steel’s crisp performance. It is widely applied into thin armor plates which could enhance the strength and keep figuration.

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