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China steel material (steel coil, steel sheet, roofing) prices

Billet weekly report: Downstream plants recovered production, billet price firm (Mar.10-Mar.17).

Downstream steel plants planed to recover production this week. Demand would increase greatly. Traders held moderate attitude and high selling activity and became more reluctant to sell steel material. Feed stock plants enjoyed increasing orders which could support the billet prices. Besides, most insiders were bullish to the later market. The traditional “Golden March” inspired market insiders’ confidences. It is predicted that the billet market will run strongly next week.

• Billet production cost in Tangshan increased this week.
• There were more blast furnaces that were overhauled in Tangshan this week.
• Billet inventory in Tangshan declined slightly this week.
• Billet price in Tangshan went up this week and will go strong next week.

On the whole, steel-making feed stock price went strong in Tangshan this week.


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