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The steel market trend in this week

Today, the steel market trend keeps positive, but the rise slows down obviously compared to yesterday.

Downstream enterprises are more cautious, but the supplier rise the price, therefore, it is not very well in the actually trade.

The excessive rise overdraws the steel market trend demand, so it confronts a great chasing risk.

But the DE-capacity which is handled by the government, the stable market mentality, the rise of future goods, billet and iron mine make the market volatile in the short run.

The spot market shows that the price of billets rises in many places, except in Tangshan.

It rises 20 RMB/t in Shanxi and Liaoning, 30 RMB/t in Tianjin, 40 RMB/t in Shandong, 100 RMB/t in Yunnan, and 200 RMB/t in Fujian.

The price of square billet in Hebei Xindapu factory declines 30 RMB/t at first, then to 40 RMB/t.

Besides, the price of mainstream square billet declines 50 RMB/t.


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