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QC Introduction (Part Two) | Steel Coil

QC, the short name of Quality Control, is called Quality Control Department. Here will introduce the two testing stage of it.

FQC (Final Quality Control): FQC means a comprehensive final test on the quality of products after finishing all procedures or processes, including appearance test, size/aperture measurement and performance test. The purpose is to ensure that the products meet the outgoing requirement and clients’ use requirement.

OQC (Outgoing Quality Control): Finished products must be under ex factory inspection before leaving factory to ensure products suffering no quality defect and zero complaints from clients.

Inspection items include packing inspection, finished product ID inspection, appearance inspection, performance inspection, etc. Products will leave factory when all inspections are qualified, otherwise they will be sent back to factory for reworking or repair until inspections become qualified.

QE (Quality Engineer): Mainly responsible for the product quality control during the whole production process from sample production to mass production, aiming to achieve qualified inspection, control and improve process and finally improve product quality.

No matter color coated steel coil, galvanized steel coil or corrugated roofing sheet, the Quality Control Department all play an important role in CAMELSTEEL, we are making great efforts to offer best products for customers.

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