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Prepainted galvanized coil coating constitute and effect

The different types of prepainted galvanized coil coating are constituted with 4 parts. And they are resins, pigments, solvents and auxiliaries. The solvent is volatiles, and others are not.

(1) Resins
The Resin is a film forming matter, which is the bases of prepainted galvanized coil coating, and also called base stock. It determines the principal factor of film’s qualitative.
The resin should be kept stable, without obvious physical and chemical changes, in the reserve period. Besides, it could solidify membrane rapidly under given stations.
There are many types of resins, and acrylic resins, epoxy resins, polyester resins and polyurethane resins are very common in the color coated steel coil coatings. The physical and chemical properties, weather fastness and stain resistances are totally unlike due to the different types.

(2) Pigments
The pigment should be used with resins, and it is mainly used for color the coating. The different proportion will affect the film’s hardness, glossiness and stain resistance.

(3) Solvent
Solvent is the main constituent part of the liquid coating, which could volatilize during the drying process. Generally, some certain solvent could adjust the viscosity, and it is called diluent. Solvent has great effect in the coating’s manufacture, store, coating and film’s formation and quality.

(4) Auxiliaries
A small amount of auxiliaries could improve the properties of coating color. A small dosage shows a great effect. Sometimes, it could improve the nature of coatings and films, as well as shorten the baking times. There are many types of auxiliaries, such as driers, curing agents, flatting agents, defoamers, delustering agents and stabilizers.

Nearly all the liquid coatings is composed with these 4 parts. And the resin is a raw material. Frankly, the resin is the zapon lacquer. And it turns to colored paint with pigments.
The coating of color coated steel can be used in construction and household appliances. The epoxy resins, polyester resins, polyvinyl chloride plastic sols, silicon modified polyesters and polyvinylidene fluorides are widely used in construction building according to the environment. And the color polyester resin is used in household appliances.

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