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Key points to install PPGL roofing sheet

As is well known that PPGL roofing sheet is one of common building materials in our daily life. Many temporary buildings or warehouses are built with PPGL roofing sheets. Here we will introduce some key points to install PPGL roofing sheet.

Due to large roof pitch and more ridges, it is essential to accurately control the elevation of ridge pole, cornice, the starting and ending points of valley line and other parts.

It is necessary to strictly control the arrangement of PPGL roofing sheet, so as to avoid water leakage. The gradient square staff, cornice line, intersecting point and the starting and ending points of valley line shall be located accurately. Safety fence, safety net and other safeguard procedures shall be constructed in surrounding areas of roof and reserved holes.

Due to large roof gradient, workers must be familiar with the safe practice and pay attention to construction safety during the period of substratum treatment and hanging tile.

In recent years, more and more PPGL roofing sheets are used, accordingly, quality requirement on PPGL roofing sheet buildings becomes higher. Therefore, CAMELSTEEL hope people can pay attention to the installation quality of PPGL roofing sheet and install in a right way, so as to provide stable use security.


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