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PPGI metal roofing washing mode

PPGI metal roofing is a kind of color coated steel with organic coating after roll-in and cold bend. Color coated roofing sheets are veneer, color-Steel complex sheet and floor support plates. Now CAMELSTEEL will introduce the PPGI metal roofing sheets’ coating mode.

1. To shelling-out the local juncture. People coat the polyaspartate polyurea to paint PPGI metal roofing sheet’s 15-20 degree and seal the crevice. Polyaspartate polyurea is a kind of stretch film and it could avoid the craze because of thermal expansion. And it could prevent the leaking efficiently.

2. To pave the whole roof. People design the polyaspartate polyurea painting plan according to the real engineering situation. And people paint the polyaspartate polyurea on the PPGI metal roofing sheets’ roof to avoid the painting aging off because of sunlight exposure outdoor. Finally, it prevents PPGI metal roofing sheet corroding and aging. And its service life could be prolong 20 years. It does not to change the color coated roofing sheet and save the repair cost.



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