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The introduction of pattern color coated steel sheets crafts

The color coated steel sheets with figures or designs is called pattern color coated steel sheets. After the coating crafts, people coat the galvanized substrates surfaces to get the products with different designs and figures. The outlook is more beautiful, the rigidity is higher and the performance is better.

People often adopt the color-coated line to make the pattern color coated steel sheets. Currently, the most popular color-coated line is double painting double baking productive crafts. It’s also the commom crafts in CAMELSTEEL,and people could produce printings on this line directly.

In order to print the patterns on the coated plates’ film, people should engrave the patterns on rollers, then chrome the rollers. The designs and figures on the rollers’ surfaces are sunk. Firstly, people put the roller into the workpiece trays to get mill base. Then people use the scrapers to scrape all the mill base outsider the depression. When the rollers contact the deodorant rollers, the mill base in the figures will be transformed into the deodorant rollers.

At last, they are all be patterned on the armor plates surfaces. Then people dry them with suitable tempeature. At last, the figures will be attached the armor plate’s film hardly.

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