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Hot dipped gi sheet points those with the zinc on its surface.

Galvanization is an economic and effective antisepsis method. Hot dipped gi sheet is one galvanized product.

About half of the zinc output in the world is produced by this way, because it could prevent the erosion of steel sheet and prolong its service life.

What should we do when we transport and deposit the hot dipped gi sheet?

CAMELSTEEL will introduce it with you.
1. Please store it in the room which ventilates, and avoid dew erosion or moisture infiltration.
2. Please make sure that the wrapping paper is perfect.
3. Please shorten its store time, and protect its surface before corrosion.
4. The zinc layer will be off if it meets outside improper pressure.
5. Please prevent the dirt or oil meal adhering its surface, because it will affects the galvanized function.
6. Please put the skid and support frame under the steel coils. And the stack number of plies should not surpass 2.
7. Please use the waterproof to cover it. Besides, the skid and rubber packing is also very important. Please use the rope to fix it.


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