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The recent domestic steel market condition

The domestic steel market recovered from lows last week, and the price rise generally of various regions from the begin of week. But next to the rest half week, the market sentiment goes weaker because of the rebar down from high. And the high resource reproduction loosening again.

For the market condition of this week, the short period demand has a poor performance, but the market storage will digestion sequentially. The environmental protection and limited production still have some support.It is predicted that the domestic steel price maybe have a shock operation this week.

Specifically, on the one hand,the market storage, steel mill storage go on decline last week, and some regions run short of specification. Then the overall pressure of merchant is still tolerableness, the short -time price have some support. At the same time, the environmental inspections are ongoing, it will may influence the output of some steel mill.

On the other hand, the demand will enter into slack season in May. There’s rainy season of southern of China, the demand performance is flat. Last week, the downstream demand performance is not good, especially the bargain difficulty of high resources, the market confidence still need to be renovated.

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