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Colour steel tiles | Color pressed coated steels

Colour steel tiles are also called color pressed coated steels, which becomes the wave mode contour plates with rollings and cold bend. It is widely used in building industrial and architectures, warehouses, special buildings, large span steel structure houses. Besides, it has many advantages, such as great mechanical strength, easily forming, light, colorful and long durability.


Common tile types: 460 color steel tiles, 760 color steel tiles, 750 color steel tiles, 820 color steel tiles, 840 color steel tiles, 900 color steel tiles, 1050 color steel tiles, 850 color steel tiles, 880 color steel tiles.


CAMELSTEEL, We are the leading and prominent manufacturers of Colour Steel Tiles. Easy to install, colour steel tiles provide versatility and creativity that bring new and refreshing design to industrial and domestic buildings. The combination curves and contours in concave and convex shapes with flats and angles can be used to add an aesthetic appeal to the building.

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