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Colour Galvanized Steel Coil Painting Introduction

There are four parts making up the painting of colour galvanized steel coil. They are resin, pigment, solvent and auxiliaries. CAMELSTEEL will do the following brief introduction.

1. The resin, which is the film forming matter, should be kept stable during the store stage. And it should not have obviously physical and chemical change. When it forms the film, it should solidify to film quickly in specified environment.

2. Pigment should be used with resin, and it’s main effect is to dye the film. The pigment with different proportion will affect its hardness, gloss and corrosion resistance.

3. Solvent is the main part of the liquid painting, and it is the volatilization during the drying process. Generally, people use the solvent to adjust the viscosity. And the solvent, which could adjust the viscosity is called thinner.

According to the different service environment, people choose the epoxy resin, polyester resin, PVC plastisol, silicone modified polyester and polyvinylidene fluoride. People often adopt the color polyester resin as the household appliances’ painting.

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