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Colour galvanized plate industry capacity and distribution

Domestic demand for colour galvanized plate has been strong since 2000 and the colour galvanized plate industry keeps expanding quickly. Among these expanded capacities include both high-end production line and small production with simple equipment in many privates enterprises. By the end of 2013, Chinese color coated enterprises had 360 color coated steel coil production lines, with designed capacity reaching 39,270 kt/a (excluding projects planed to be constructed).

Color coated steel coil production in China reached 7,790 kt in 2012 and 7,534 kt in 2013. It was expected that the production will reach 8,100 kt in 2014. However, it is difficult to make statistics on many domestic small production line data of which the capacity could count for 1,00 kt or so.

Seen from the industrial pattern, Chinese color coated industry capacity mainly concentrates upon coastal developed areas. Now eastern China has the largest number of production lines.



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