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Colour galvalume steel coil common quality problems

The colour galvalume steel coil common quality problems:

1. To judge the quality from the outlook. It requires the outlook should be tidy without any burr, sawtooth and gap between them. But sometimes, people could not get the multiple problems only by this point.
2. Holes and voids. It occurs due to the placode quality problem. If there is a serious gap or holes in the placode, the workers will operate the coating equipment to miss it according to the standard operation request. And it will show the voids.
3. Tile press mark paint flakes. The productive set should check the pressure and the running system, as well as the bearings running. What’s more, whether the roll forming machine has the same peration is a factual interfere problem. Due to the sharp property, the new roll forming machine will scratch the color coated steel sheet paint film easily.

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