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The colour coated roofing sheet and aluminium tile

Colour coated roofing sheet is the waved contour plate. Generally, people bend the color coated steel coil to it. Aluminium tiles is also called profiling aluminum steel, aluminium corrugated sheets, or crinkle aluminum plates. It is cold bended by aluminum plates. Sometimes, people can’t find which is better. In fact, it has many generality.
They have many similarities. They can be widely used in building industrial and cilil architectures warehouses, special buildings warehouses, large span structural houses. Besides, it has many advantages, such as great mechanical strength, easily forming, light, colorful and durability.

But there are also some differences. For example, the cost of aluminium tiles is double than that of the colour coated roofing sheet. The scrap of aluminium tiles is about 80% of the aluminium tiles. So it could recycle the scrap and its value is very high. But the cost of color steel tiles is very low, and the recycle price of crapes is not very high.
The introduction is above, and we believe that people could make the choice according to the fact.


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