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Colour coated galvalume metal roofing announcements

The announcements when people fillet the colour coated galvalume metal roofing weather-proof glue.

Colour coated galvalume metal roofing is a common product when people build workshop. It has many advantages, such as long life span and free maintance. Now, it has been widely applied into production. When people fillet the weather-proof glue, there are many announcements need to be noticed. CAMELSTEEL will give you the following suggestions.

1. Please adjust the seam’s depth in avoid to fillet the other three sides. And the seam should be filled with PVC foaming material.

2. Clean up the boards’ crevice in order to keep it clean and dry.

3. After the filleting, please float the glue-line’s surface, and unfetter the superfluous glue.

4. Please try to conserve the board. Do not stain dust and scotch it before the glue harden completely.

Certainly, except the above filet weather-proof glue, people can find other method to fix the colored corrugated steel roofing sheet harder, the epoxy resin curing agent is also a good method.


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