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Reasons lead to short service time of colour aluzinc steel coil

1. Under high temperature, colour aluzinc steel coil coating layer is easy to be softened, corrosive medium is easy to be attached to and permeate into base material. The oxygen content in water will increase, also, the corrosion rate speeds up under a certain temperature.

2. Corrosion of base material at the cut and process damage part.

3. Large temperature difference is easy to cause moisture condensation and create corrosion condition in the exposed metal surface. Besides, large temperature difference also results in frequent cold-hot deformation and accelerates coating aging and loosening. The external corrosive medium is easy to be permeated into base material.

4. Rainfall has dual effects: For wall panel and roof panel with large gradient, rainfall can clear steel plate surface and wash away the product of surface corrosion. For roof panel with small gradient and parts suffering poor drainage, large rainfall is easy to accelerate corrosion.

5. The functions of wind direction and wind speed are similar with water and usually accompany with each other. Wind direction and speed is a test for the joint part of materials because wind will cause joint part looseness and rainwater will permeate into the inside of architecture.

6. Chloridion and sulfur dioxide can accelerate corrosion. Usually, these depositions can be seen by the seaside and regions with severe industrial pollution.

7. Orientation and gradient impact the sunshine duration, thus impact the durability of coating layer. The gradient can also impact the deposition time of corrosive medium or dust on steel plate.

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