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Colorized painting steel common quality problem analysis

1. Colorized Painting Steel Bad bendability (T bending)
When people bent the steel to 180 degrees, there are some chaps and coating strippings in some special place.
There are many causes
1, The master volume is too much.
2. The coating is too thick.
3. The baking is excessive.
4.The different manufacturers between the upstream and downstream is different. Or the thinner is misused.


2. The hardness is bad ( the pencil hardness)
People scratch the coating’s surface but the drawing pencil, then it keeps on the surface after the cleaning.
There are many causes
1. The furnace temperature is too low and the cured coating is bad.
2. The heating condition is just so-so.
3. The coating thickness is greater than that is prescribed.

3. Salient points.
If the steel strip sufferes exogenous shocks, there will have some protrusion and sunk on the board surface. Some has the space and some does not have the one.
There are many causes
1. There are some foreign matter on the coatings.
2. There are some marks on the sheets when they are trapped.
3. It suffers exogenous shocks when the roll is backed.

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