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Colored corrugated roofing steel sheet machine

Colored corrugated roofing steel sheet machine has enjoyed continuous technology upgrades since it entered China ten years ago. The colored corrugated roofing machine can be divided into three types. CAMELSTEEL will introduce advantages and disadvantages as follows.

1.Roll forming tile press. Tile produced via roll forming tile press suffers poor quality due to single shape and has been fade out the market gradually.

2.Extrusion forming color tile press. It enjoys high production and quick producing speed but suffers high investment. Also, the lightness is weak as it uses color spray machine to spray tile after tile is produced. Only one layer of color in the appearance can not stick to the tile face independently, thus it needs to be mixed with expansive adhesive, leading to high costs.

3.Module color tile press. It is the advanced color steel machine type. Most machines adopt Mitsubishi PLC control system. The spiral steel pipe can be divided into touch scree type and digital display type. The main machine is equipped with reinforced pressure head and general pressure plate. Thus it is convenient to change different main tile module and strange tile module and is applicable for producing various cement tiles and bricks.


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