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The shortcomings and advantages of color steel tiles and PVC tiles

The color coated steel coil, which becomes the wave mode contour plates with rollings and cold bend, is called color steel tiles. It is widely used in building industrial and civil architectures, warehouses, special buildings, large span steel structure houses. Besides, it has many advantages, such as great mechanical strength, easily forming, light, colorful and long durability. The shortcomings is too expensive. The following are the advantages.
1. Light. It weights 10-14 kg/ sq.m., and it is about 1/30 of the brick wall.
2. High strength. Its strength is very high, and the bending and crush resistances are amazing.
3. Colourful. It dose not need to decorate it, the holding period of the color galvanized steel’s erosion resistant coating is from 10 to 15 years.
4. Easy Installation. It shortens the construction cycle about 40%.
The main material of PVC tiles is PVC resin. And it combines with UV anti-ultraviolet agent and other chemical material, and the advanced crafts is essential. PVC tiles ia also called model steel tiles, and it is the update product of color steel tiles. It adopted the multi-layer coextrusion technology, which cover the anti-aging layer on the surface. It enhances the weather ability. Besides, it also have many other advantages, such as flame rating, antisepsis and the weather ability. It is environmental protection. It is widely used to building the large factories, which is not only meet the antisepsis demand, but also save steels and lower the cost.
The following are the advantages.
1. It is cheap affordable and practical.
2. The oxygen index of fireproofing is OI≥32, and it belongs to the fire retarding material.
3. It prevents corrosion, and the service life is 3 times longer than that of rolled tins.
4. The stength is very high, it resist shock and extrude.
5. The weather ability is amazing, and it could resist the ultraviolet radiation and its service life is very long.
6. The noise is low.
7.It is easy to install and carry. To be honest, it saves time and power.
8.It is colourful.
9, It is environmental.
The shortcomings are as follows.
1. The stability of light and heat is bad.
2. The melting temperature and decomposition temperature is close, therefore, the process is difficult.
3. It is easy to fade colors.

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