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Color Coated Steel Sheet Origin – CAMELSTEEL

Color coated steel sheet is one of essential building materials in building industry, yet, maybe most people do not know its origin. As the manufacturer of color coated steel sheet, here CAMELSTEEL will introduce you the origin of color coated steel sheet.

The technology of color coated steel sheets were firstly created in the U.S. in 1927 and the world first production line of color coated steel sheet was set up in 1936. Color coated steel sheets are mainly used to produce louver and wind-break wall replacing wood products.

In particular, color coated steel sheets developed quickly during the Second World War, which promoted the deep-processing process of cold-rolled sheet in iron and steel industry and expanded development space of color coated steel sheet because of the rapid development of the arms industry and transportation industry .

Since 1950s, color coated steel sheets have been widely applied in building industry. Meanwhile, European and American countries were under a “building reform” when steels developed irresistibly in building industry. In order to decorate and distinguish steel-structure buildings, steel is coated with oil paints with different colors. In later few years, the improvement of oil paint technology promotes the development of steel coil coating industry.

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