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Factors causing color coated steel coil corrosion

Color coated steel coil is an important building material. Yet, improper daily maintenance will easily cause color coated steel coil corrosion. Factors which cause color coated steel coil corrosion will be introduced below by CAMELSTEEL .

1. Color coated steel coil is impacted by sunshine, sand wind, snow and rain, frost and dew and temperature and humidity change at all seasons. Thereinto, oxygen and moisture in atmosphere are important factors causing corrosion of outdoor steel.

2. Industrial gas includes SO2, CO2, NO2, CI2, H2S and NH3, etc. Although the content is low, their corrosion damage to the color coated steel coil can not be neglected. These gases are acidic after dissolved in water, leading to acid rain which can corrode metal equipment.

3. Ocean atmosphere has a large amount of salt. Salt granule can settle on the metal surface. Salt granule features moisture absorption and can increase the electric conduction effect of surface liquid film. Besides, CI- has strong corrodibility. All these enhance the corrosion of metal surface.


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