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Advantages of color coated GI sheet as metal curtain wall material

CAMELSTEEL will analyze with you the functions and advantages of color coated GI sheet as a kind of metal curtail wall material.

1. The color coated GI sheet wall can be designed to have unique height and shaping with distinct features, so as to highlight the personality characteristics of some buildings.

2. Curtain wall plate can be very colorful. The architects can use a certain curtain wall and connects it with local section and local civilization, so as to reflect the regional civilization in certain areas.

3. Color coated steel coil blocks and transparent and bright glass blocks are planned by planners in proper distribution, which can show the creative charm of planners.

4. Color coated steel coil curtail wall is filled with heat-preservation material to reach excellent thermal insulation effect. In order to save energy, green environmental protection innovative wall body is set up to overcome the defects of miscellaneous construction and poor durability.

5. Color coated steel coils and other materials together make up some new materials which can be used in curtail wall to add the variety of curtail wall.



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