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Color Coated Galvalume Sheet : The functional varieties

1. Heat insulation color coated galvalume sheet characteristics:

Heat insulation color coated galvalume sheet is a special reflect padding, which could reinforce the coating’s infrared reflectivity and decrease coating semblance’s heat insulation to reach the function of thermal insulation.

Besides, it could save energy and increase its durability.

ppgi steel coil
2. Antibacterial color coated galvalume sheet

Characteristics: It is widely used in household appliances, food packaging and medicine appliances.

The first choice antibacterial painting should be rich in Ag+, and sliver ion is the most effective antibacterial in nature.

It could diffuse silver ion if the carrier is zeolite. It could invade the coating surfaces’ cyton to prevent its breathe.

3. Decorative color coated galvalume sheet  Characteristics:

It has the scraggly nest-frame and has a nice vision effect. And it is applied into the indoor and outdoor decoration, and shingles.

After the introduction of different color coated galvalume sheet by CAMELSTEEL, we believe that you have a good understanding when you purchase the color coated steel coil.



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