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Cold rolling products price increase

There is a great growth of the cold rolling products, tubal products and proximate matters. The average price of the 50 * 5 angle irons in the 23 principal markets is 3687 RMB/t, which rises 70 RMB/t than that in the last day. And the amount of its growth is at the top. Besides, please notice another situation. The profit margin of some cold rolling products is over 300 RMB/t, which is lucrative.

As for the material, due to the pull up of the early future goods and the leap of the spot goods’ offer, it executes the single offer. Currently, the offer of the 62.5% mine in Rizhao port is 700 RMB/t, the offer of Brazil 66% finemeal is 780 RMB/t, and the 62.5% PB in Qinddao port is 700 RMB/t. Today, the trade of Tangshan billets is active. Its factory price rises from 120 RMB/t to 3250 RMB/t.

The downstream enquiries the price and purchase the blanks actively. Besides, Tangshan steel group leaks the news that it will halt the production and limits the road. So it estimates that there is a great rise space of the billets in the short term.



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