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The grade standard of steel products

Steel products always appear different grade in there specification. Different grades represent different standards, the business personnel in CAMELSTEEL summarize some different grade standards used in the communication of clients and sort out the following four standards:

1. European standard. The “D” in DX51D refers to “coat”, it means the steel sheet is coated steel sheet, and the “X” means “Zinc”. The 51 D represents use, generally means structural steel; and the 52 D in grades means the sheet is stamping plate; if there’s 53 D, it refers to surface deep drawing plate. With the increase of the number “X” in 5 XD, that means the rigidity is better and the stamping softness is stronger.

2. American standard. The ASTM A 792,ASTM A 792-1989 usually refers to the general requirements of hot-dip aluminized zinc alloy steel sheet.

3. Japanese standard. In particular, we should introduce the letters and numbers of the zinc layer contents behind the Japanese standard. Generally, in the Japanese standard SGCC+Z, there will add the weight labeling of zinc layer behind Z, like SGCC+Z 27. Z 27 and the Z 270 in European standard all refers to galvanized 270 grams.

4. Enterprise standard. It is the self-developed steel standard of domestic large-scale steel mills according to the European standard, American Standard, Japanese standard and other international standards.

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