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The disadvantages of galvalume steel sheet

As galvalume steel sheet is a high density coated alloy steel, there are certain defects in addition to the advantages of corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

1. Welding performance.
Due to the increase of mechanical property, the inner substrate surface of galvalume steel sheets have a better cladding material density, and its amount of manganese is relatively high. Therefore, the galvalume steel sheets can’t weld under normal welding conditions, it can only be connected by rivets or other ways.

2. Applicability of wet concrete.
The cladding material of galvalume steel sheet contains aluminium, which is prone to oocure chemical reactions where immediate contact with acidic wet concrete. So it’s not suit for floor board.

3. Coating thickness and plate thickness limit.
During the market research and analysis, the marketing staff in CAMELSTEEL realize that, most of the domestic production unit of galvalume steel sheet all restructuring by adopting hot-dip galvanizing unit, and has a certain limit of the thickness of galvalume steel sheet. In cladding material aspect, it can only be a minimum of 30 grams per square, up to 220 grams per square.


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