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The steel market condition trend in August

Since August, the steel market condition trend ups and downs all the time. The futures rebar fell again since August 22nd, the steel price which was in the high-order appeared loose shipping, and merchant with goods got a perturbed mentality. In the earlier time, the steel price continued to pull up, its main driving force is the up of the strong futures prices. And there are two further primary causes:

One is that under the overall background of environmental supervision, part of the non-compliance enterprise shut down, which lead to the part area of spot market appeared the situation that supply is less than demand; Another is that with the help of environmental protection, the capital has a a good wave of flames for the market price.

At present, the buy and sell factors in steel market intersect constantly, the steel enterprises has alow stock of finished goods, and part of the product specification has appeared the situation of
stock out and supply shortage. When the steel market requirements of “gold nine silver ten” Improve, the current situation that “supply is less than demand” in part areas will be the key of the market speculation.

Combined with the current market situation in ups and downs and our own market sensitivity, the market analyst in CAMELSTEEL thinks that the steel price maybe mainly continue to weak adjustment, and there’s a slightly loose space in the transaction of spot steel price. But after adjustment, there may still have further up possibility.


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