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Micrometer Caliper Detailed Introduction

The micrometer caliper is also called micrometer as the read result corrects to the unit of mm. The reading and use methods of micrometer caliper will be introduced below by CAMELSTEEL.

Reading method:

1. First read the fixed scale.

2. Then read the half-scale. If the half-scale can be seen, read it as 0.5 mm and if not, read it as 0.0 mm.

3. Read moving scale (estimated reading) into n×0.01 mm.

4. The final reading is fixed scale+half scale+moving scale.

Correct use and maintenance method:

1. Check if the zero line is accurate.

2. Clean up the measured face of work piece during measurement.

3. Put large work piece on V-shape iron or slab for measurement.

4. Clean up the measuring bar and anvil block.

5. Use ratchet gear to screw moving sleeve.

6. Do not unscrew rear cover, otherwise the zero line will change.

7. Do not add regular engine oil between fixed sleeve and moving sleeve.

8. Clean up and apply oil on device after use and put it in box, then put the box in a dry place.



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