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Design color coated steel coil | Customization

The use of a variety of joints, connections, ribs, fastening facilities and surface treatment, all can basically achieve any desired design color coated steel coil.

On the design, the texture and style of design color coated steel coil can matching and coordinate use with many building material like concrete, wood and glass. The design color coated steel coil has the features of high strength and light weight, it can up to the special effect that other building material can’t reach. Besides, CAMELSTEEL noticed that there will be a bigger selectivity when design color coated steel coil combine to use with building stones, concrete, wood and other building material because of the colorful feature. For the use of metal materials and painted construction projects, color coated steel coil is conducive to coordinate or add the required color.

1. Roof. The excellent appearance and performance of color coated steel coil awakens the interest of architects and owners to show roofs.

2. Walls. Building panel manufacturers offer different shapes of color wall panels, walls of all areas of the appearance and the desired building effect can be exactly the same.


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