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Color Coated Steel Coil Related Materials

With the development of the society, the use of color coated steel coil has been more and more appreciated. But whether people know well with the color coated steel coils’ development history or not is a question. CAMELSTEEL researched the color coated steel coil related materials, then introduce it briefly here.

In 1937, America built the first continuum hot-dip galvanizing strips product line. And the first continuum electrogalvanizing strips product line was built in 1942. Therefore, it has entered the industrial production for over 60 years. In the middle age of 1980s, China built the first galvanized steel sheets production line after the reform and opening-up.

Recently, the countries all pay efforts to enlarge the coating sheets’ kinds, specification and how to improve cladding materials’ crafts and quality. The figuration of coated sheets is one of the most important aspect. It is mainly decided by the substrates’ performance, cladding material crafts and performance, as well as the forming condition. Only with the advanced techniques could achieved the good application effects.


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