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Color Coated Steel Coil Incision Introduction

In the outdoor color coated steel coil incision, it is needed to use the clean and burr-free decorative sheet all around to protect the trimming. The trimmed edges of the decorative sheets are bent and folded as far as possible so that they are hidden from the line of sight. If the trimmed edge of the substrate, cladding material and coating are all exposed to the environment, there will form an electrochemical reaction zone corrosion. The degree of trimming corrosion is related to the thickness of the steel plate, the coating system, the environment and the exposure angle.

All cutting work at the construction site shall not damage the coating or cladding material of the steel sheet and keep the trimming well. CAMELSTEEL reminds the staff that the shear blade must be kept sharp and first to keep the steel plate face up when cutting, so that the burrs will appear on the back of the steel sheet.

Do not cut or process on the surface of other color coated steel sheets, if power cutting or drilling is required, there should cover tape or rags around the drill holes or trimming to prevent the thermal burn coatings. To avoid the use of tools such as grinding wheel cutting, it is easy to damage the cladding material and coating of the steel sheet.

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